Case Study

Direct in-Game Ads as Retention Rate Boosters

Flying Squirrel Games

800K new ads generated

Dirt Trackin’ 2

21.3% rise in user retention

Dirt Trackin’ Sprint Cars

There’s no argument when it comes to ads – mobile players prefer native in-game ads over interstitial and rewarded ads. Following the implementation of Sayollo’s gComm platform into their games Dirt Trackin’ 2 and Dirt Trackin’ Sprint Cars, Flying Squirrel saw a significant change in player retention.

The Results

The results show that both games increased retention over time, including a 16% decline in abandonment rates, as the games were showing fewer interstitial ads and got quite a bit of positive feedback from players regarding the new in-game ad format.

In-game ads are a fantastic alternative to the old, intrusive between-level ads that players hate. They take on the game’s native look & feel, add a layer of realism, and never take the player out of the game.

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