Case Study

Lead Generation with gComm

Sayollo’s Gamers Coupon Club


We wanted to increase traffic for our gComm in-game purchasing platform inside our games. We created a registration popup within gComm that simply said ‘Join gComm today!’ with a form containing just 3 fields: Name, email, phone number

Campaign Info

1-Month Duration

Global Reach

gComm-Enabled Games

Lead Generation Process


This generated 209 signups in just hours
Amazingly, the geographical distribution was global, with South America leading the pack at 26%. But we realized these people didn’t even know what they were signing up for, and quickly pulled the campaign in order to make changes.


The following week we added an actual offering: ‘Get a $10 coupon for signing up’ – with the same form. This time, we got nearly twice as many signups, which raised our gComm Gamers Coupon Club to nearly 600 in just two weeks.


The Results


Week 1: 209 Leads

Week 2: 382 Leads

EoM: 357 Leads

99.4% Valid Email Leads



We were able to run a successful campaign on the very platform we wanted to increase traffic to. All leads were generated organically due to the nature of the platform the campaign ran on. No additional efforts were needed.

 On other platforms, advertisers would need to create an entire campaign with A/B testing of targeted messaging, paid advertising, dedicated UTM links, landing pages, etc.

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