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The world’s first mobile platform to enable uninterrupted native blending

of video content within real-time virtual environments in mobile games.



We care about your user experience.
As gamers, we know that you want continuous gameplay. We took care of that.


We guarantee 100% “real-eyes” with a positive state of mind, ready to interact with your brand, which ensures a high engagement rate.


We keep your users in the game.

There are no competitors' ads.

The player requires no action or involvement.


At Sayollo, we have developed a unique technology that makes it possible for video ads to be displayed during the game itself. They are displayed via internal objects, which are strategically placed to target the user's emotions.

This allows ads to be displayed only when the player is experiencing a positive emotion and open to receiving a brands message. In this way, marketers can penetrate the player's conscious mind and ensure high engagement between the player and the brand.

This is achieved whilst doing no harm to the user experience and casts the advertiser in a distinctly positive light.




Gaming Studios, Developers and Brands. If you are excited about improving the 
experience in mobile games as we are, you can apply today and join the project

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For inquiries, questions or commendations please fill out the following form or send an email to hi@sayollo.com

The information you provide will be processed as detailed in our Privacy Policy