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10 everyday skills video games can improve

Though we all have this belief that games are just an addictive drug for wasting time, recent studies have proved that playing games play a very important role in cognitive skills in both adults and children. Playing games helps sharpen the mind and prepares it for different kinds of unexpected situations. The following are some of the everyday skills that we can improve from playing games.


In games, we often come across situations in which we need to think carefully before making a move, with one wrong move, our hard work can go to waste, so this helps us develop skills to become patient when dealing with difficult situations in daily life. Some games even involve money, so to win, you need the patience to play safe, much like how in real life, we need the patience to think before investing our money in something.


Forward-thinking is one of the most important skills that a person needs to survive in this world. Through playing games, we develop the skills to think beforehand about difficult situations that could occur later and how we can handle them. Most games are dependent on forward-thinking and fore-play.

Strategic planning:

Every person needs skills to be able to strategically plan before bringing the plan to life, just like how in games, you need strategic planning to win against the other team and play wisely not to get caught. Strategic planning helps us prepare for the potential consequences of the outcome. Most games that require strategic planning are either Action or Mission games.

Social skills:

There is no doubt about the fact that playing games help us to socialize in our daily life. Games like PubG and FIFA help us become friends with people outside our social circle and communicate with people more freely. It also helps introvert people develop the skills to communicate with people without talking to them in person as friendships can be formed amongst opponents.

Analyzing skills:

Before making any kind of decision, be it in-game world or real-world, we need to analyze the consequences that can occur from our decision. One wrong decision can bring down a whole gaming session or business. A gamer sharpens his critical analysis skills, which are later of great help to them in their life.

Increase in knowledge:

Often, in video games, there are icons and characters being used, which are drawn from various nations and cultures. When playing the game, a person’s curiosity can be triggered to know more about the different cultures displayed on the game. Looking them up adds to the player’s knowledge of various cultures and nations around the world.

Mental progress:

Just as how playing mobile games increases our knowledge about different cultures, it also gives us mental satisfaction and stability from winning and helps us develop skills to control our anger and have patience when faced with different situations like losing a battle in the game or going bankrupt in real life.


The best skill developed through playing games is multi-tasking, as playing mobile games requires us to keep looking at the screen while being audibly and mentally active at all times. Games require us to be very observant and react according to all the requirements of that particular game, this helps us become observant and react according to the project in the real world as well as the game world.

Sharpening the memory:

While playing games, the player is required to read or listen to the instructions that might only be provided once in the game. Thus it helps sharpen the memory as the player needs to remember those instructions throughout the entire game. According to research, individuals who play games frequently can process both Visual and Audial stimulations faster than normal people.

Leadership skills:

In mobile games, we often need to give directions to the whole team to win, giving directions and thinking ahead in games helps us to develop the skills of leading different situations in our life through better and more strategic planning. All the different kinds of skills mentioned above that we develop from playing video games help us lead better in life.

In Conclusion, After reading all these benefits about how playing games helps us improve our skills, how about we stop believing in those old beliefs of games being a waste of time and instead, start playing and watch as our skills improve, to become a better and more modified version of ourselves.

By Slava Norel – CGO.

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