About Us

With the introduction of gComm – the first-ever purchasing platform that lets gamers buy physical products directly inside mobile games – Sayollo pioneered a brand new market category: In-Game Commerce. As a Gen-Z-focused B2B2C company, Sayollo embraces social commerce and anticipates the evolution of mobile games into a new form of social metaverse and shopping experience in one, with gComm facilitating a seamless transition for both.
gComm’s three-fold advantage gives DTC brands direct access to 3 billion Gen-Z mobile gamers, allows game publishers to increase retention rates and monetize content in brand new ways, and lets gamers enjoy an elevated, uninterrupted gaming experience.

Our Vision

At Sayollo, we take the word ‘gamechanger’ literally. As creators and leaders of the In-Game Purchasing market category, we aim to remain several steps ahead of the game by developing one unified, frictionless commerce experience that’s cross-engine, cross-platform, and cross-device. One that incorporates the best parts of social commerce, live commerce, and in-game commerce inside every game. We call it MetaCommerce, and we can’t wait to introduce it to you. 

Our Mission

As a B2B2C company with a focus on Gen-Z consumers, we view mobile games as the new form of social media, in which social commerce can thrive in the same way it has across traditional social networks. As part of this MetaCommerce revolution, gComm’s unified purchasing experience transforms any mobile game into a digital storefront that:
  Brings DTC brands directly to their consumer audience, where they can sell their wares and services right inside mobile games.
  Enables game publishers to increase retention rates and monetize their content in brand new ways, while ensuring players enjoy a completely uninterrupted gaming experience.
  Brings the convenience of in-game purchasing to Gen-Z gamers, where an effortless shopping process happens as part of the native gaming experience – without ever taking them out of the game.