About Us

Sayollo’s gComm is an end-to-end mobile marketing solution that bridges the gap between gaming & commerce, enabling real-life product purchasing directly inside games.

Sayollo was founded as an in-game ad company with over 10 years’ combined experience in the gaming industry, helping brands improve their in-game advertising efforts. Having carefully observed market trends, Sayollo pivoted toward the next step, essentially pioneering the evolution of the in-game journey with the creation of the gComm (Gaming Commerce) platform.

gComm by Sayollo is a first-of-its-kind comprehensive solution that allows both brands and publishers to market and sell real, tangible products directly inside mobile games, effectively bridging the gap between developers and brands, and completing the cycle from awareness to conversion.

Our end-users, Gen-Z gamers, are a savvy, informed, and sophisticated audience, and every aspect of our product is geared toward them. That’s why we believe every in-app purchase should be a part of the game; non-intrusive, native, and gamified to the max.

Our Vision

With gComm, we aim to create and lead a new global market category:  Gaming Commerce

Sayollo is the ultimate solution to an evolving attention economy with gComm as a revolutionary game changer. We strive to master the mobile in-game user journey from start to finish, with the best in-game marketing solution that includes Creative Studio, direct in-game ads and a native, frictionless purchasing platform.

Our Mission

As a unique solution that bridges the gap between brands and publishers, Sayollo endeavours to:

  • Enable DTC brands to enter the gaming ecosystem with a seamless, superior in-game experience
  • Let publishers easily integrate our platform for increased content monetization
  • Make the purchasing process a part of the game, with the help of gamification.


  • We believe everything should be gamified. Gaming is an unending experience
  • We are mindful of the gaming-commerce ecosystem we operate in
  • We respect the gaming experience and strive to create a different balance with the eCommerce world
  • We consider our end users (Gen Z gamers) as leaders. Everything starts and ends with them
  • We see purchasing as a native part of the game
  • We think in-game advertising is too narrow and should become in-game marketing