We all love it when brands collaborate with one another and create something cool and innovative.
Whether it’s something as simple as McDonalds creating a BTS meal or H&M releasing a collection with a famous designer, the “brand x brand” callsign has become a social media darling that nearly always manages to trend hard.
The added value in nearly all cases is, obviously, a new, unique, and usually affordable product (though those red-soled Cardi B x Reebok sneakers I low-key need in my life sure do cost a pretty penny!).

In the hi-tech world, however, many B2B collaborative efforts – usually marketing collabs –  take place that may not make giant waves, but ripple far and wide enough to make a significant difference to the industry. 
This past week, for example, Calcalist hosted the Gaming 2021 Conference, bringing together top speakers from Google, Playtika, IronSource, and many more. The sole reason? Sharing information about the booming gaming industry in Israel. It helps us all make sure we’re on the same page as the other guy, gives smaller companies some insights into what the big guys are doing (and how they’re doing it), and creates a somewhat level playing field. And as with all conferences, we also get a chance to meet one another, network, shmooze, and create relationships that may prove lucrative in the future.  

On our end, we love collaborating with gaming studios we work with. Aside from being business partners, we invest in our relationships with our collaborators, teaching them everything we know about in-game ads and how to get the most out of their games – because their success is our success. Sometimes they create assets for us, which we use in our marketing efforts in order to help and educate other studios – like this awesome video Wolves Interactive made for us that shows all the many different places ads can be featured inside a game, without being intrusive or taking away from gameplay:

Obviously we’re not suggesting anyone should post ALL of these ads in one game – that’s entirely too much. We’re just showing you the many possible placement locations – we expecially love the bus billboard and in-car dashboard screen!
We love it when companies hype up other companies – we’re seeing it more and more on networks like LinkedIn, and we’d like to see even more of it everywhere. Which is why we’ve decided to do our part in spreading the good word and creating a web show in which we host a different studio or brand exec and discuss the gaming, ad-tech, and mobile industries at large. Our first episode launches next week, and we can’t wait for more.
More insights, more knowledge, and more relationship-building.
Because sharing, after all, is caring. And we care a whole lot. 


Are you a game developer or publisher looking to monetize your content? Brand or advertiser wanting to get into in-game advertising but don’t know where to start? Drop us a line at sales@sayollo.com and we’ll help set you up with the right advertising/gComm strategy for you.