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Sayollo is an Israeli startup that was founded in 2018 and is currently based in Rehovot, Israel. The company’s gComm solution is the first-ever purchasing platform of real-life products sold directly inside mobile games. Sayollo’s vision is to merge the virtual metaverse of gaming and the tangible reality of physical products, with gComm facilitating a seamless transition for both. This places brands directly in front of 3.2 billion Gen-Z mobile gamers worldwide, and allows game developers to monetize their content in new ways beyond those of ads and game economy.

Market Potential

Gen-Z mobile gamers worldwide: 3.24 Billion

Virtual goods sold in- app in 2021: $133 Billion

Mobile game revenue by 2025: $270 Billion

Social commerce sales by 2025: $1.2 Trillion

Market Potential

Mobile games revenue
forecast by 2025: $270B

3.24B mobile gamers:
40.2% of global population

Social commerce sales
forecast by 2025: $1.2T

and Social Commerce

All major social networks – originally created for social interaction – have adapted in recent years to include both contextual shopping and commerce tools as part of their offering. Today’s definition of social commerce includes the mobile gaming ecosystem. As the dedicated commerce space inside mobile games, Sayollo’s gComm goes several steps beyond social platforms by placing brands directly before their most coveted audiences: Gen-Z consumers. In addition, by including the entire user journey – from awareness to conversion – brands are able to not only advertise, but also sell their products directly in-game, without ever taking the player out of the game. That means game developers increase their retention rates and revenue. 
More players in-game means better monetization for developers and greater exposure for brands.


gComm is the first-ever in-game purchasing platform that offers
Apple Pay and Google Pay for an extra fast checkout experience. 






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