Creative Studio

Our Creative Studio is aimed entirely at making sure YOUR in-game ads and gComm interface are as effective as possible. Most brands don’t realize that their gorgeous YouTube pre-roll ads just aren’t gonna cut it inside mobile games. We’ll help you create your beautiful new native in-game billboards and seamless gComm experience. 


Our Studio team are experts in making sure your ads are visible at all times during the game. They will make sure your billboards mesh with the game’s native environment, help you choose the right colors and lighting, and advise regarding the best billboard sizes in relation to their locations within the game.


Your YouTube, Facebook, or Amazon video ads can’t simply be thrown into mobile games. Unlike social media feeds, where users scroll at their own pace, mobile games are constantly moving. Typical video ads are simply too long and most players will never see the whole ad. Our team will create an effective ad that’s just the right length and make sure it features your logo and product in those precious few seconds it’s on the screen.


In-game ads should mesh seamlessly with a game’s native environment, yet still remain visible. Too few ads can get lost in the action, and too many can become a messy eyesore. With so many options available, we will help you determine how many is just right for each particular game.


Just like the number of billboards, location is critical. We want your ads to be clearly visible at any given point in the game, and will advise you regarding the best placement of your ad billboards in the game.


A huge part of seamless product integration is reaching the right audience. If you’re advertising adult diapers, we would recommend you don’t place any ads in a game that’s all the rage with the teenage crowd. Remember, just because it’s popular, doesn’t mean it’s for you. We’ll recommend something that’s more suitable for your brand and/or game.