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About GameEon

GameEon is a game development studio that strives to create a fulfilling gaming experience for every one of their gamers by providing them with both great mobile games, as well as a platform where they can connect with peers and like-minded players. 

GameEon Studio sees a 15% increase in revenue with gComm

Here’s what happened when we implemented gComm inside GameEon’s Ultimate Monster Truck

Pain Points

Up until recently, the only available monetization channel for game publishers was in-game advertising, which is aimed solely at increasing awareness. GamEon was looking for a different method for increasing their revenue, beyond native ads. 


Following a few months running Sayollo’s native ads inside their games, GamEon decided to become an early adopter of our gComm in-game purchasing platform. We activated gComm inside their game Ultimate Monster Truck in mid-September 2021, and by the end of Q4, GameEon was boasting a 15% increase in revenue.


Thanks to gComm’s ability to sell the right product to the right audience inside the right game, we are able to target gComm with specific brands for specific consumers. Sayollo’s Creative Studio team takes the brand’s raw materials and creates ads that are the right length and format for in-game native billboards.

Applying our gComm SDK

Following optimal billboard placement and tracking performance on our dedicated console, game publishers can tweak gComm for improved sales and greater revenue earning. Of course, gamification also allows them to increase purchasing motivation. 


Revenue increase Q4

gComm provided an entire consumer journey – from awareness to conversion to completed purchase and back to playing – directly inside the game. What’s more, with the implementation of Apple Pay and Google Play, players can complete their purchases in seconds.
That’s simply never been done before, and game developers are thrilled to finally have a new monetization channel with which to increase their earnings at minimal effort.

While GameEon did earn slightly more with ads (due to the holiday season), their gComm earnings continued to rise toward the end of the year and peaked at an impressive 15.22% increase in revenue in December, 2021.

Sayollo’s SDK includes both a programmatic revenue channel and the gComm in-game purchasing platform, which enables the selling of physical products inside mobile games. As is shown in the above graph, the gComm layer outperforms the traditional monetization tool over and over again. 

Nikhil Malankar

Founder & CEO of GameEon Studios

We have been using Sayollo’s SDK since the last few months and we are extremely happy with the product offerings. The team at Sayollo is extremely professional and has helped us through the entire onboarding process. We look forward to use their product offerings extensively in our future products.

Nikhil Malankar

Founder & CEO of GameEon Studios


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