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Filtering possibilities in your dashboard

Our filtering feature lets you look at your data however you want so that you can answer tricky questions and get better insights out of your dashboard. If you would like to apply a filter to your data, Here are some extra pieces of information on the dashboard filters possibilities.

there are three different filters you can apply:

  1. Filter by Time Range 
  2. Filter by Game
  3. Filter by Operating System 

By Time Range  #

You can read more about time and date filtering in this article

By Game #

Would you like to filter your dashboard’s data so that it would show a specific game/games instead of them all? you can pull this off with a click of a button.

There are 2 ways to apply this type of filtering. 

First, is using the “Game Selection” button.  

By clicking it, you will be able to review all your game’s names and select the ones you want to display their data in the dashboard. 


The second way is to click on the “Filter Results” Button. There, the same menu with all your game’s presented will be opened and you will be able to mark the game you would like their data to be aggregated and displayed on the dashboard. 


By Operating System #

Which operating system has the best performance percentages in your games? You can easily find out by using the operating system filtering. 

Click on the “Filter Results” Button and choose the operating system you would like to see the data for. Then, change it to another and compare between the two. 

You can also download each filtered dashboard as a PDF file.


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