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How can I restrict memory and device versions for my game?

Device restrictions  #

You are able to apply different restrictions on operating systems (iOS or Android) in order to enhance your game’s performance and avoid cases that might create crashes. 

For each restriction you apply, you will need to choose a rule, a device version, and what kind of behavior should be applied due to this restriction. 

  • Not prior to 
  • Equals to 
  • No over than

You can pick one of the device versions for each operating system to have the restriction applied on. 

If you choose a “Send event” behavior for a restriction, it means that once the restriction is applied, you will catch an event in your game’s engine and would have to define what happens in case such an event occurs.

If you choose “Hide player”, the player will not be shown at all once such a restriction is applied. Note that if you built something around the player, it might look like a Foreign factor on the screen since there will be no player attached to it.

You can add more restrictions by clicking on the “Add restriction” button.

Memory restrictions  #

In order to apply a memory restriction, you’d have to choose a behavior (same explanation as for the device restriction), a limitation (equals to, less or equals to, not over than), and a GB number.

An example of a typical memory restriction is presented in the image below.

When you are done editing the restrictions, click on the ”SAVE CHANGES” button.

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