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How do I set games targeting?

In order to edit your game’s targeting information, make sure you are in the “Games” section on Sayollo’s platform. Then, click on the “More” button on the right side of your game and then on “Edit”. 

Targeting is extremely important so that your game will be connected to the most relevant ads according to the targeting you set.

The targeting you should set for your game is:

  • Game Genre – Select the genre your game is associated with from the list below

Image of genre types

  • Sub Genre – Select the sub-genre your game fits most from the list below

Image of sub-genre types

  • Main Gender – If your game is substantially familiar with one type of gender, select it as the main gender for your game.
  • Age Groups – Click on the age groups that are most popular in your game. You can have as many groups as you want. 

Image of age groups

When you are done editing the targeting information, click on the ”SAVE CHANGES” button.

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