Take your current favorite mobile game, let’s say you’re on level 12. 
Now, if we told you that by playing 3 more levels, you’ll receive a reward, would you take a few more minutes to complete those levels? What about an offer for a discounted product that you’ve seen advertised in your game? Say, get 10% off on a pizza that you can order right there, in the game, just for completing level 15?. That’s worth a few more minutes, isn’t it? But wait, if you get to level 20 in the next 15 minutes, you can also get 3 free toppings on top of that 10% discount. Which one would you most likely go for? They’re both good deals, right? And you earned them by literally playing a game you were already going to play, anyway. 

It’s called triple-win gamification, and it’s OUR favorite new game.

Let us break down what we just did by offering the player the above incentive:

1. For the brand who has advertised their discounted pizza on our in-game ad platform, we’ve boosted positive brand awareness and piqued the audience’s interest. Why positive awareness? Because unlike interstitial ads that cut off gameplay every couple of minutes, our in-game ads are part of the game’s native environment, a non-intrusive part of the action’s background. And an un-annoyed gamer is a potential customer. Now then, if the player orders that discounted pizza during his/her game (which s/he most likely will), that’s a completed cycle for the brand (from awareness to purchase) in the span of mere minutes. 

This is where we would typically stop, pull out our megaphone and holler: “HEY, BRANDS! ARE YOU STILL NOT ALLOCATING A SIGNIFICANT PORTION OF YOUR AD DOLLARS TO IN-GAME ADVERTISING??”, but we’ll refrain from doing that just yet. Speaking of brands, we continue to be amazed at the sheer number of brands that are literally throwing money away on automatic placement of their video ads, rather than working directly with companies that and can give them the added value of in-game-specific ad creation, but that’s a whole other story.

2. For developers, that offer was just as rewarding (if not more so). Firstly, by monetizing their content, developers working with us can make money not only by opening their game up for in-game advertising, but also by earning for every sale made from inside their game. And who would say no to an extra source of revenue? (Answer: Literally no one!) And that’s another thing, by gamifying the incentive, we’ve increased that same developer’s engagement, retention and gameplay session times. And because gComm lets players buy products directly from inside the game and immediately return to gameplay, gamers will keep coming back to the game.

Not convinced about that? We urge you to read the top 3 negative comments about any game on any app store — you’ve probably left a few, yourself. They all complain about too many ads interrupting gameplay. This increases app abandonment rates for the game, but also drives negative brand association. But in-game ads don’t do that. In fact, by adding a layer of realism to the game (like, say, billboards around a racetrack), most surveyed players actually like the inclusion of ads to their games’ surroundings. That engenders positive brand association. And why should game developers give a hoot about brand association? Because NOW they’re not only advertising those brands’ wares, but also selling them inside their games and earning rev-share on those sales.

3. And now for Win #3 (which hits home for us, on a personal level): This whole process of uniting brands and game developers to work together for a better combined offering, is all about keeping gamers happy. Offer them incentives, give them great discounts and special gear, but whatever you do, let them do the one thing they came to do by tapping on that game icon: Play. Whether it’s the bored teenager on the bus heading home from school, or the tired mom who just put her kids to bed and needs 20 minutes to clear her head, or the cop who wants to take his mind off of work on his coffee break – we are all gamers.

We all need to play, coz…


Are you a game developer or publisher looking to monetize your content? Brand or advertiser wanting to get into in-game advertising but don’t know where to start? Drop us a line at sales@sayollo.com and we’ll help set you up with the right advertising/gComm strategy for you.