Gen-Z Shopping Trends

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Despite their young age, Gen Zers are an economic force to be reckoned with, and will rise to become America’s largest age group by 2034. That’s a mere 13 years from now. Having grown up in a largely digital age, the boundaries between their physical and online lives barely exist. In addition, having constant access to information and digital resources has made this generation far more knowledgeable and self-reliant when it comes to deciding which products, brands, or services they choose to support.
Moreover, Gen-Zers demand a seamless interaction with brands, wanting to actively share their opinions, collaborate, and co-create with brands. In doing so, they expect brands to fully reciprocate by being responsive to their opinions and needs. They also insist that brands be transparent, authentic, and remain relevant to the current day climate and events. This is why retailers need to establish an air of trust and authenticity before reaching out to this unique generation of consumers.

To understand more about what Gen Z consumers want, we explore the shopping habits and values of Gen Z consumers and the need for brands to provide:

1. Accurate and up-to-date retail essentials, such as real-time inventory information, a wide assortment of choices, and good value for their money.

2. Innovative technology that provides seamless purchasing, allows them to engage with the brand on their terms, and provides value and convenience.

3. Customizable shopping experiences – Gen Z consumers want direct value that is tailored to them individually, making the shopping experience uniquely their own.

When choosing where to make their purchases, Gen Zers identify product choice, availability, convenience, and value as their top priorities. And although they are digital natives, they most often choose to shop in the physical store because of the personalized sensory experience. However, Gen Zers differ from previous generations in how they expect those experiences to be delivered, demanding reliability and consistency both online and off.

Online Shopping Habits

Since this generation never knew a world without the internet, they have high expectations for online channels and a low tolerance for any slowdowns or glitches. They value their technology not only as a means for entertainment, but as a constant source of instant information at their fingertips.
At the same time, they’re also wary of giving away their own information as they take their privacy seriously and are less trusting of data sharing by nature.

Below are some stats – from the Global Web Index 2020 Report on Gen Z Trends – regarding Gen Z and online shopping:

  • Gen Zers spend around 4.5 hours on their mobile devices per day 
  • Spend a little over 3.5 hours per day on their laptops
  • Spend over 8 hours a day online
  • 26% of Gen Z report using social media to make a purchase
  • 28% consider a simple online checkout experience as a purchase driver
  • 58% report free delivery as a major purchase driver
  • 43% of Gen Z cite coupons and discounts as a major purchase driver
  • 72% of Gen Z have purchased an item online in the last month 
  • 61% did so using their mobile device
  • 41% paid for a purchase using their mobile phone
  • 80% said they browsed an online store in the last month on their mobile 
  • 56% said they browsed an online store in the last month using a PC or laptop
  • 73% looked up an item they wanted to buy using their phone.
  • 41% looked up an item they wanted to buy on their PC/laptop.
  • Poor shopping experiences prevented 22% from making a purchase online at least 3-4 times. 
  • 82% said that peer reviews were extremely important when shopping online
  • 77% said that personalized recommendations were extremely important when shopping online