In-Game Ads

How it works

Coding Schmoding! Our SDK was uniquely developed for mobile games, enabling publishers to quickly & easily transform unused space inside their games into native billboards. Whatever the style or genre of your game,  whether it’s 2D or 3D, or whichever engine it’s built on – Sayollo’s comprehensive solution lets you embed ads into any game, across any mobile OS, and for any device – so you can start earning more, sooner! Just install our lightweight SDK and go from there.

Drag & Drop

Size, stretch & resize your billboards and place them anywhere, as part of the game’s native environment



Like the way it looks? Duplicate it and paste it over and over again. But not so many that the ads distract from the actual gameplay. The general rule is, 3 billboards (at most) visible on the screen at any point in the game is optimal.

Color & Hues

Match the billboard’s appearance to your game’s environment by adjusting the colors.

Light & Shade

Modify brightness & contrast for optimal visibility. Remember, ads are part of your game’s background, and should therefore be bright and visible.

Static or Video

Video ads not your thing? Add some static image billboards into the mix.

Real-Time Preview

Avoid nasty surprises by previewing your new ads instantly.