We are looking for a few cool brands to partner with and are offering the following at ZERO COST to you:
    • We will create a video ad for your products
    • Feature your ads in some of our many games
    • Promote your shop
    • Boost your traffic
    • Sell your products directly inside mobile games

Completely FREE – there are no hidden fees and no strings attached.

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Advertise & sell your products right
where your audience is (and your competition isn’t)  Mobile Games!

Welcome to gComm by Sayollo, the first-ever e-commerce experience uniquely tailored to mobile games.

Together with our native video advertising platform, gComm (or Gaming Commerce) turns every mobile game into a potential shop, and every ad into a product that can be purchased directly from inside the game. 

Typical mobile ads, (especially those shown during gaming sessions and constantly interrupting gameplay), often create antagonism in users towards the advertised brands, and promote negative brand associations. We create native video ads that mesh seamlessly into mobile games, making them a natural part of the game’s flow and scenery, able to grab the player’s eye but not disrupt the gameplay. Then, at strategic points throughout the game, we offer them the opportunity to purchase the advertised products – YOUR products – without ever leaving the game.