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Mobile Games — The New King Of Personal Entertainment

From Atari to consoles like Sega and Nintendo, down to the portability and flexibility of games that came when smartphones hit the market — mobile games won’t cease to leave us in awe. We’ve come a long way from Rovio’s 2011 ‘Angry Birds’ to the greater complexity of Virtual Reality and Augment Reality all cramped up in those little devices. Mobile games are making all sorts of waves across various mobile stores you can think of.

But, when you think of the word “entertainment” what comes to mind is the funny clip of the angry camel chasing a man that popped up on your Youtube feed or the guy juggling five double-edged swords while spewing fire out of his mouth and doing a push up at the same time(Alright, I made this one up, but it’s a good thought). What you may not think of immediately are games — particularly mobile games, and the statistics are not in your favor. Mobiles games have totally changed how people entertain themselves so much that a survey around the world shows users actually spend over 43% of their average time on smartphones playing games; which amounts to about 195 hours in a month(Source: GO-Globe).

The statistics are going to keep blowing you away, so hold on to your sofas or bus stand as we go through the impact mobile games have been having these recent years and how prevalent it has become in today’s society. We’ll be looking at the numbers and tossing out some stereotypes. How wide have mobile games spread in recent years? Who plays mobile games? Shouldn’t it just be rebellious kids and teenagers staging a revolution against the “bedtime” ruse, or are parents secretly taking over from them when they send them off to bed and turn off their phones? These are the kind of questions we are going to be circling around as we go through the data.

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