Official Press Release

Sayollo, in-game ecommerce platform for mobile devices, announces partnership with voice interface API Speechly.

Partnership Allows Brands to Sell Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Products with Added Voice Control Features, and Gen-Z Gamers to Make Purchases Without Leaving Games 

REHOVOT, ISRAEL – DEC. 20, 2021  –  Following on the heels of its recent announcement establishing an ecommerce platform for mobile devices, gComm, Sayollo today disclosed its partnership with Speechly, a voice interface API. Sayollo will add Speechly to the gComm platform, an in-game shopping facility allowing consumers to make purchases completely interrupted while playing their favorite games.

Speechly’s voice interface API can be used to enable product searches and simplify the subsequent checkout process in ecommerce experiences without typing a single note! Opening up speech-controlled purchasing to the Gen-Z gaming audience, Speechly will allow players to efficiently search for products using only their voice, in unison with Sayollo’s gComm which lets retailers offer their products to mobile gamers around the world. In addition, the new voice features will make it possible to update or make last-minute changes on the checkout page simply by using a spoken command, also known as an ‘utterance’.

We are proud to be delivering a first-of-its-kind shopping experience to the Gen-Z gaming community, and believe this is how many more brands will attempt to target consumers in the future,” said Jonathan Attias, co-founder and CEO of Sayollo. “Through our partnership with Speechly, gamers will have the power to make purchases without typing at all, by simply using their voice to command the process.” 

Speechly offers a low latency, fully streaming spoken language understanding API to power complex user tasks via a voice-enabled multimodal interface. The API’s real-time, responsive solution is available to developers across all major platforms, enabling an intuitive, consistent and better voice experience for users wherever they are. Speechly has so far been implemented across ecommerce, search, gaming, digital and health apps, and does the heavy lifting of understanding what users are saying, while its Web Components offer developers the capability to add voice features to any website.

Speechly’s Spoken Language Understanding APIs and SDKs provide real-time speech-to-intent capabilities which enable any developer to easily add intuitive voice UIs into their product.

New Initiative Allows Brands to Sell Products Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) and Showcase Products to Elusive Gen-Z Gamer Audience

Originally established as an in-game advertising company, Sayollo has shifted its focus to the ecommerce industry by establishing gComm (short for Gaming Commerce), an in-game shopping platform that allows consumers to purchase products from retailers without leaving the action of the game they’re playing. Taking the natural step from its in-game advertising roots, Sayollo’s gComm allows retailers to offer their products to highly coveted Gen-Z gamer audience around the world.

“gComm turns every mobile game into an online storefront that enables DTC brands an end-to-end, in-game marketing journey from awareness to conversion all in the same game,” said Jonathan Attias, co-founder and CEO of Sayollo.

In just a short period of time, gComm has been widely embraced by both game publishers and DTC brands. Currently there are more than 20 DTC brands signed on to the platform representing apparel and accessories, cosmetics, home décor and healthcare services, among others. On the game publishing front, more than a dozen global mobile game publishers have agreed to publish their games with the Sayollo SDK kit, including Flying Squirrel Games, T-Bull Games, GameEon, EZ Gamez and Peaksell Games.

“This amazing reaction from both communities — game publishers and DTC brands — only reinforces the vision that we have for gComm, the ultimate destination for commerce in the mobile game space,” said Eitan Norel, co-founder and CCO of Sayollo. “Sayollo has always been a Gen Z focused company and we’re confident that gComm is the ultimate solution for publishers and DTC brands targeting that very elusive audience segment.”