Order a Pizza In-Game

by Rykkei Erlich, August 17, 2022

Have you ever wanted to order a pizza while gaming, without pausing your game? Now you can.

Until now, the only commerce that took place inside mobile games, has been for virtual in-game elements like coins, lives, upgrades, etc.  Digital assets that exist only inside the game, but are bought with real money.  You’re thinking, come on, who spends their money on that stuff? Well…

$133 billion were spent on in-app purchases in 2021, so... apparently everyone.

So, a few years ago, our co-founders asked ‘Why are we spending real money on digital stuff? It’s immaterial, make-believe… it’s not real! Why can’t we buy REAL goods with our REAL money inside these games? And that’s how gComm was born – the first platform ever that enables the selling of real-life products (like pizza) inside mobile games. But that’s just the beginning.

For the past few years, mobile gaming has become a social platform. Much like FB, IG, and Twitter, gaming has a huge global following and operates within certain codes, terminologies, unique values, and behaviors. That means that, as the dedicated commerce tool inside mobile games, gComm is a direct avenue of social commerce. Which is a tremendous deal for DTC brands.

From awareness to conversion – Seamlessly integrated contextual shopping in one uninterrupted gaming session

But if you know the minds working at Sayollo, then you know by now that that’s simply not enough for us. gComm was designed as a 3-tier solution, which means it goes way further than other social commerce tools. For one, it brings brands directly to the 3.24 billion mobile gamers in the world, most of whom are Gen-Zers (the largest consumer group in the world). Secondly, it lets brands sell contextually – that means you’re selling the right products to the right audience inside the right games (we’re not gonna let you sell adult diapers inside a game geared towards teenagers – that would be a complete waste of your money). And thirdly, because the mobile gaming space is still a largely untapped arena, there’s very little competition.

That means that early adopters pretty much stake their claim with an unrivalled in-game presence. Plus, with limitless gamification options driving purchasing motivation and conversion, the possibilities for creating new revenue opportunities are pretty much endless. For the first time ever, brands can go beyond simply driving awareness inside games – they can also sell their products directly inside them. The entire consumer journey seamlessly meshed within mobile games.

That’s simply never been done before, and we’re extremely proud of that fact that we got there first.

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Order a Pizza In-Game

Until now, the only commerce that took place inside mobile games, has been for virtual in-game elements like coins, lives, upgrades, etc.

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