I can’t think of a time in history when a shortage of employees was a thing. Sure, we’ve had depressions and recessions and the economy has sunk to record lows, and both a lack of jobs and market saturation have always been a reality, but a shortage of employees? When did we ever encounter that? Not in our lifetimes, certainly.
In a post-Covid era, it seems like less and less people want to come back to the 9-5 grind. A large number of workers who were sent home on unpaid leave back when Covid  first hit have gotten extremely comfortable working from home and have either become freelancers, working in their own time, or are simply happier sitting at home and collecting unemployment benefits. And that’s a problem. For everyone.

But it’s especially tough on employers, who are desperately trying to either replace or expand their human workforce and failing miserably. The reality is – especially here in Israel – that the hi-tech sector is continuing to grow and expand. That leads to more and more jobs opening up, with salaries getting higher and higher and better perks and benefits offered up as incentives… but less and less positions are being filled.
And despite what recent articles have been claiming, it’s not just because of the shortage in developers and engineers. Everytime a unicorn is discovered in the enchanted hi-tech woods, everyone flocks to work for the sparkly, new magical creature. Companies like Payoneer, Monday, Gong, or IronSource simply need to buy a billboard along the Ayalon highway, and a horde of coders can almost be heard whooshing over to their HQ.

So when we, here at Sayollo, embarked on our recent hiring campaign, it quickly became obvious that we would need to think outside the box in terms of where to post our open positions. We then hit upon the realization that we have access to one of the biggest real-estate assets in the world, and it’s literally in everyone’s hands. We simply did for ourselves what we do for all our customers – we placed an ad inside mobile games. And unlike the 200,000 or so people who saw the billboards on the highway, our ads were seen by millions around the world. Because no matter where you are, riding the subway to your next job interview, browsing the classifieds online, or waiting for that fateful call back, you’re about 20 minutes away (at most) from gaming on your mobile. And we’re there, advertising for someone just like you to come join our awesome team.

In case you’re skeptical, over the past week we’ve gotten dozens of resumes from people claiming to have seen our ads in-game. Two are starting here next week – one local and one overseas.
Who knew playing a game could get you a job? How’s that for incentive?


Are you a game developer or publisher looking to monetize your content? Brand or advertiser wanting to get into in-game advertising but don’t know where to start? Drop us a line at sales@sayollo.com and we’ll help set you up with the right advertising/gComm strategy for you.