The All-New In-Game Purchasing Space

by | Dec 17, 2021 | Brands, Gaming Commerce, In-Game Ads, Mobile Games, Publishers

For over 20 years now, in-app purchases have been a steady component of free-to-play mobile games. Whether they let you buy in-game coins, extra power-ups, or limited-time features, the exchange of real money for virtual goods has become a commonplace occurrence in our day and age. So much so, in fact, that in 2020, a whopping 74¢ of every dollar earned by app stores was spent on in-game purchases.
So, asked Sayollo, if gamers are spending money while playing, why should it end at virtual goods? Why not give them a way to buy tangible, real-life items, which are advertised right there inside the games they play?

In recent years, native ads have become more and more prevalent, with less between-level ads that leave gamers fuming angrily for 30 seconds before they can click that ever-elusive X and get back to their game. Advertisers have gotten the message loud and clear – gamers hate interstitial ads. They’re intrusive, they cut off the game’s flow, and they’re usually for services or products they have no interest in. As for the advertisers, they mostly have no way to measure reach and exposure. That means they’re flying blind in regards to where their advertising dollars are going. With IGA, however, ads are featured directly inside the game, and are designed with the same look and feel, to mesh naturally with the game’s native environment and natural flow. The ads – and therefore the products they advertise – are an inseparable, acceptable part of the game – disruptive enough to be pleasantly noticed, but not intrusive in any way. Anyone playing the game is, by default, exposed to the ads, the brands, and their products, boosting positive brand awareness on both the subliminal and conscious levels. 

With the creation of gComm, Sayollo has gone the extra step, allowing DTC brands to complete the cycle – from awareness to purchase – and glean maximum bang for their aforementioned buck. The gComm (or Gaming Commerce) purchasing space bridges the gap between ads and shopping, between brands and mobile games, between ecommerce and the coveted Gen-Z consumer audience. Brands can now not only advertise their products, but also sell them directly inside any given game.
As a consequence of this newly IDFA-less world, targeting woes continue to plague DTC brands. The insufficient reporting they do get concerning their campaigns creates even more difficulty when it comes to attributing what works and what doesn’t to their different demographics. Many of these brands are finding themselves having to turn to other channels within the paid digital ecosystem, making this a fantastic time for them to join the world of gaming-commerce. gComm and mobile gaming have so much to offer DTC brands, allowing them to tap into uncharted territory where target audience is concerned, reach the Gen-Z crowd (who tends to avoid social media on the whole), and sell the right products to the right audience in what is, at this time, a competitor-free environment.

It’s simple: you play your game, see native ads that mesh seamlessly with the game, buy the products you like, and go back to playing – without ever leaving the game. Say you’re playing a racing game and see an in-game ad for a new movie you’ve been wanting to see. You finish the level and are presented with an opportunity to purchase tickets for that movie in just a few clicks – never leaving the game or having to install anything. Within seconds, you’re back to racing, while movie ticket codes await you in your Inbox. In the age of instant gratification, you’ve just killed two birds with one very small stone.

In regards to publishers, their games are now small metaverses that offer multiple experiences within them, where commerce creates an extra layer of realism, becoming a seamless part of the fun. In addition, keeping the player in the game ensures publishers maintain higher retention rates, not to mention increased monetization from both ads and product sales.

And we haven’t even touched on gamification, where both publishers and brands can work to incentivize purchases with level-based discounts, special items related to gameplay, NFTs, or anything else you can imagine (but more on that in an upcoming post).

In short, we’re extremely proud to have pioneered a whole new market category that makes both the gaming and shopping experience more lucrative, desirable, and enjoyable for everyone.  The sky is no longer the limit. In fact, there is no limit. 

Welcome to gComm, by Sayollo.