Shopify Integration Guide

In order to integrate your Shopify account with Sayollo, you will be required to create a  new custom app in your Shopify store. A custom app is an app that you or a developer builds exclusively for your Shopify store, and it’s how Sayollo integrates our gComm platform to your store.

In order to begin the integration process, please ensure you have a Shopify Store Owner account, or that you have been assigned the following permissions on your Staff Account:

    • View apps developed by staff and collaborators
    • Develop apps
    • Manage and install apps and channels

In order to check or assign Staff permissions, the Owner Account needs to open Settings (image below)

Then click Users & Permissions (image below)

Select the relevant name(s) in the Staff list (image below)

And make sure the 3 permissions marked by red arrows, below, are checked:

Once you have the necessary permissions, you will need to carry out the following steps:

1. Go to your Admin account home page and click on Apps (image below)

2. Then click the Develop Apps option (image below)

3. Now click the Create an App button (image below)

– If you do not see the Create an App button, click here >>
– If you do have a Create an App button, proceed with step 4, below.

4. Fill in the information in the two required fields as follows (image below)
a) App Name: Sayollo
b) App Developer: Choose a name from the list

5. Click the Configure Admin API Scopes button (image below)

6. Check the following Admin API permissions, and then click the Save button (see 2 images below):
– Inventory: read and write
– Locations: read access
– Orders: read and write
– Products: read and write
– click Save

7. Click the green Install App button (image below)

8. Click the Install button again

9. Click on Reveal Token Once (image below)

*IMPORTANT: The Admin API access token (starts with the letters “shpat_”) will only be shown once, so be sure to copy it right away.  

10. Create a new Word of PDF document.

11. Copy the following items (image below) and paste into the new document you created:

– Admin API access token (starts with “shpat_”)
– API Key
– API Secret Key
– Shopify Admin URL

12. Be sure to password-protect the document you created (directions linked to below)

How to Password-Protect a Word Doc
How to Password-Protect a PDF File

13. Once your document in protected, please attach it to an email and send it to us at yossiy@sayollo.com

14. In order to protect your encrypted information, we recommend sending the password separately. Please click on any of the buttons below to send me the password to the protected file:

Thank you for your cooperation!