The gComm Metaverse

The gComm Metaverse

The metaverse is everywhere nowadays, and the persistent buzz around the new virtual world being built around us promises a vast, limitless world without user cap, where time has no meaning, and which is accessible to anyone and everyone.

With the idea that this virtual world will exist directly alongside our ‘real’ world, it follows that eCommerce will be a natural and necessary part of the metaverse. If we can buy things here in the physical world, we should be able to do so in the metaverse as well. In our day of omnichannel eCommerce, these are exciting times for anyone already involved in commerce, as the metaverse presents not only an additional channel in which to sell real-life products, but also a new way to sell new kinds of products inside the metaverse. The NFT market immediately springs to mind, for example.

Sayollo’s gComm is leading this market category inside mobile games, where brands sell real-life items directly from within the virtual worlds of games. Our first-of-its-kind in-game commerce space creates a robust, self-contained virtual economy driven by tangible goods, serving as a three-way bridge that connects DTC brands, game publishers, and Gen-Z consumers.

In fact, the gComm metaverse contains within it the complete Buyer’s journey – from in-game native ad design, to in-game awareness marketing and advertising, to completing the purchase. And it all happens seamlessly INSIDE mobile games, without ever showing interstitial (between-level) ads or taking the player out of the game.

gComm enables:

  • DTC brands to branch out and sell real-life products in an as-yet competition-free virtual space to the ever-elusive Gen-Z crowd in their natural habitat: the digital world and mobile games, in particular.
  • Game publishers to enjoy a new monetization channel that improves their game with a new virtual space that merges natively with the look & feel of their game, adds a layer of realism to the gaming experience, and helps them increase retention rates.
  • Gen-Z consumers to do what they love most: play games and purchase online without interruption or having their time wasted by annoying ads.

We are proud to be doing our part to grow the metaverse’s commerce space into a fully functioning economy. We figure if you can design and buy a pair of cool sneakers online, there’s no reason why your in-game character shouldn’t be able to have the same pair of shoes. And that’s where NFTs become part of both the metaverse and gComm.

Generation Z, the ‘digital generation’, or Zoomers are today’s leading consumer group, and they demand not only availability and immediacy from brands, but also a customized shopping journey. The purchasing process itself needs to be a personalized experience, which is largely what they’re paying for. What’s more, this consumer group spends over 10 hours a day on their mobiles, and are in-game far more than they are on any social media. As the first inhabitants of the metaverse, they are already moving between these hybrid worlds naturally and easily, seeking different experiences across different dimensions, without putting much stock in whether those experiences are virtual or ‘real’.
The same can be said for the games they play and what they buy, and where NFTs are viewed by many as ‘merely virtual’ (non-real) items, the distinction doesn’t exist for Gen Zers.

As pioneers in this brand new market category, it was vital for us to ensure that the gComm metaverse incorporate both classic-model and web3 games, as well as the commerce of virtual, physical, and NFT products.

We are looking forward to ushering in the future of gaming and commerce, together with our partners and customers, and can’t wait to see what this exciting new avenue brings with it.

To quote Bit Digital CSO, Sam Tabar: “Honestly, I can’t think of a single thing that won’t happen in the metaverse.”

We see it the same way too.

Welcome to gComm.

Jonathan Attias, 
CEO & Co-Founder